Trenkler Lawyers
Frankfurter Straße 14
64293 Darmstadt

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Markus Trenkler, Lawyer

I represent clients in the following fields:

  • Commercial and labour law
  • Banking and capital market law
  • Contract and company law


I am licensed to practice in all local, regional and higher regional courts in the Federal Republic of Germany


  • Member of Darmstädter Juristische Gesellschaft e.V. (Darmstadt Legal Society)
  • Member of Deutscher Anwaltverein e.V. (German Lawyers’ Association)
  • Member of Banking and Capital Market Law Consortium in the German Lawyers’ Association



Foreign Languages



Career Path

  • Beginning in 1994, I worked for three years for a company which operated a closed real estate fund; I was responsible for employee training and providing consultancy services for the managing directors regarding all legal issues.
  • I was a trainee lawyer at the Regional Court of Darmstadt, 9th Civil Division; Darmstadt Department of Public Prosecution, commercial crime and corruption; legal firm of Knarr & Knopp, civil law; administration, German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority. I held an optional internship position at Commerzbank AG.
  • In 2000, I was appointed to the post of assessor with the qualification to become a lawyer or a judge; focus on commercial law
  • Beginning in 2000 I spent three years working as a lawyer for UBS Warburg AG in Frankfurt, in the Legal and Compliance Department.