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Trenkler Lawyers

A wide spectrum of clients depend on our expertise, including banks, consumers, companies and their employees. Where your interests are concerned, our main obligation is to the law and it is our task to advise you so that your interests harmonize with it.

Our excellent specialist knowledge includes banking and capital markets law, the regulation of capital markets, shareholders’ assemblies, and the drawing up of contracts. Our services to company clients are rounded out by our expertise in the field of labour law.

Of course, we are well versed in the rules of debt collection. Legal proceedings involving defaulted loans and unpaid invoices in checking and credit card accounts are among the basic services offered by any law office with banks as clients. In recent years, we have taken on debt collection for financial institutes under payment transaction law, and we have all the technical equipment necessary for this task.

The great majority of our clients have unpaid receivables. This means that we are especially familiar with the active enforcement of existing legal rights.